Marhystin Gundogs

About Us

We are not commercially based and this venture began as Martin’s hobby and gundogs have now become a passion.

Martin has owned and been involved with Labradors for 23 years and has trained dogs for friends and family in the past.  Martin trialled briefly 17 years ago but due to work commitments overseas this was put on hold.  In 1997 we were granted the Marhystin affix with the view to owning a small kennel in the future to pursue Martin’s hobby.  Our dream came to fruition in 2003 when we moved to our present home.  We customised some old outbuilding into dog kennels and have 5 acres of ground that we utilise to train the dogs at home and we also have access to 4000 acres of land all year round to train our dogs on.  We then set out purchasing sound, well bred dogs to create our own line and we will be breeding a couple of litters per year to satisfy our own requirements.

Our aim is to have and produce quality dogs with excellent temperament and health,  physically and mentally sound dogs that meet the highest standards of conformation and performance, and above all be a cherished member of the family.

We always work hard to ensure our dogs and puppies are free of hereditary defects.  All our dogs are given regular vet checks to ensure they are in peak condition and health.

If you purchase a Marhystin puppy we will endeavour to help you with all aspects of your puppy’s future development should you require our assistance.  Getting your new puppy started on the right track can depend on what the owner does at the early stages of development and we are here to assist you as much as we can should you wish us to provide you and your puppy with this service.  We are committed to providing the best start that any dog could ask for.


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