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Hi Martin,
I've attached a picture of max out on a shoot day, I'm sure you'll agree he's a fine specimen, he continues to improve on a weekly basis and is becoming a valuable member of our picking up team. I won't hesitate to contact you in the future for another dog or indeed to recommend you to anybody in the market for a quality gun dog. Thanks again and I'll send you the odd picture and progress report.


Hello Martin
Thank you so much for letting us spend time with the pups yesterday, and for these pics - Much appreciated 🙂

You clearly devote a lot of time and effort into raising your dogs/pups which was evident when we visited yesterday. We were both really impressed at how well developed the pups are, and how well they took to being handled by us.

All of the pups are absolutely adorable, and it was really nice to meet Cassie too. I reckon we've got a difficult decision to make when January comes around.We left yesterday feeling excited and confident that our pup is coming to us with the best start.

We're really looking forward to bringing one of the pups home. January can't come soon enough!

Many thanks once again,
Laura and Ewan

Hi Martin,
Just to let you know that I bought 'Eddy' from Helen yesterday, and he's sitting next to me in our kitchen as I write this. He is 11 months and just a big gangly puppy, but a beautiful dog! As you will know, he is one of Tag's offspring. He slept on his own in the kitchen last night and was absolutely no bother at all. Off down to the beach now for his morning walk with my neighbour's two golden retrievers.

Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to ask around for me. You should be justly proud of your line ~ they are beautiful labrador retrievers and I am looking forward to Eddy maturing and spending hours out and about with me.

Thanks again

Hi Martin
Since our last email, they have continued to surprise us with everything they do. They are absolutely the most perfect dogs, in fact we never would have dreamt it possible to have such perfection in 2 pet dogs. Everyone who meets them adores them and we are so lucky they are ours. Rubus has the most shiny, black coat and it is the first thing people comment on. Gracie, she actually “smiles”, she really does and everyone comments on it. They are both beautiful looking dogs. So tender and gentle and we have never had any friction between them. They have both got an amazing temperament.
Their characters are just so different - indoors Gracie is the biggest lap dog you have ever seen, she is just so loving and always ready to snuggle up, however, outdoors she is a totally different dog! She is into everything, ferreting away and has absolutely no fear. She finds mud where no one else will. She is constantly in the pond at Haddo and chasing around after rabbits. She usually takes our first command which in wonderful. She is absolutely adorable and very, very clever. All she wants to do is “Please”.
Rubus, what can we say about him – he is just so unique. A wonderful dog that just makes your heart melt, so cautious but has so much mischief about him. He loves to tease his sister but Gracie has started playing her own little game with him now and he loves it! He is so loving and gentle considering his size. He is so protective of Gracie and especially loves being around woman - he is just so charming - you need to check out his "wiggle"!!!
Did we mention their swimming – they are like fish and just love it. Gracie especially but both dogs are in amongst water any time they see it.
Until recently both dogs were on a par with each other, however, Rubus has gained so much strength that sometimes Gracie has a bit of trouble keeping up. Of course being a woman she gives her all. I am just so pleased that Dan and the kids persuaded me to take Gracie home to join us.
Although we have both dogs as pets, we are aware they need to be “working” and every day we take them to Haddo for a good work out. Martin, you can really see their qualities and it amazes us all at how they can seek out things we have hidden. Their sense of smell is truly amazing. It is an absolute delight to watch them “find and retrieve” the goods and bring it straight back to our feet.
Our kids are so proud of their dogs that our oldest daughter did her P5 school summer project on Labradors and logged onto your website during her class talk. The kids just loved all the pictures of your dogs and were so amazed to see pictures of Rubus and Gracie’s parents.
Bringing both dogs into our family has been the best thing ever, they are so content and quiet that at times you forget they are in the room. If we had a bigger garden we would without hesitation be on the waiting list for another. Rubus and Gracie are a real credit to you both.

Best Regards to You
The Moutreys

Dear Martin & Laura,
I have no idea where time has gone!

We eventually decided on "Tess" as a name for our pup - and it suits her very well. She has been a delight to have as a member of our "pack" - although the old dog's nose was a bit out of joint for a while, he quite likes her now. She is growing extremely well (and fast!), already showing clear signs of developing the power and style for which we hoped, and were confident we would get after seeing her parents. Tess has been greatly admired by everyone who has seen her and several have already tried to book pups!!

She has an amazing eye and her evident intelligence makes her very easy to work with. She is inexhaustibly enquiring and brave beyond sense - fronting up everything from feather dusters and hoovers to 1 tonne Limousine bulls! I am amazed at how much mischief and nonsense can be packed into such a small frame - and she throws the most intense and entertaining "dafties" of any pup I have ever had!! She and Karen just adore each other and have a very strong bond already.

I think I may have told you that our current dog is the best I have ever had, while I stand by that, Tess shows every sign of being at least as good!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to buy such a fine pup - she is a testament to your own skills and the quality of your dogs. We will send you a photo or two, I meant to today but the camera has packed in and I thought it was more important to get this long-overdue email off to you.

Thanks again and we will be in touch.
All the very best,
Jack & Karen

Hi there Martin
Just to let you Jock is doing absolutely brilliant, we could not have wished for a better dog Martin. He is so intelligent and great with all the kids too.

He's walking to heel, sits when told first time, whether on the leash or not and swims like a bloody little fish and has the heart of a lion, I've never come across a braver or bolder pup.
All the family and neighbours love him to bits, he's quite a talking point in the area. In short Martin he's a credit to you and a little belter of a dog.

I'm attaching a few photos of him outside his new kennel and run at the bottom of the garden where he as slept for the last three weeks now. He only spent six nights in the house with us while his kennel was built and then straight outside where he settled down by himself fantastically.

Just one big problem with him Martin, when ever were watching England play football on the T.V.and Jocks there too watching, the little bleeder cheers and barks the opposing team on all the time. Ah well I suppose you can't have everything Martin.

Cheers mate for a fantastic pup, we wouldn't swap him for all the tea in China. All the best to you and your family, and I will keep in touch with you Martin to let you know how he is progressing.

My kindest regards

Dear Martin ,
Just a bit of a progress report for you on Gauge who is expanding his CV all the time.

It took him a little while to settle in to a new routine, but once he did he fitted in with the rest of the dogs just fine and soon became a bit of a character .His training was all down to himself really, I only had to show him once or twice and he got the message very easily.

His first pheasant season was a major success with no disasters and lots of admirers from the beaters (who always scrutinize the keepers new dog!!). At the end of last season he went on loan to my brother who is a full time Stalker, to learn how to locate wounded deer in plantations ect. Rather than a lean springtime in the kennel.

Once again he has taken to it like a duck to water and follows a blood trail like a professional. The buck season has started now and Gauge is out with my brother and clients nearly every week. All in all a pleasure of a dog and a grand character to have around. I don’t know what else he is capable of doing? But whatever he does I will let you know.


Hi Martin
Just giving you an update on Charlie. he's a brilliant dog,
excellent temperament and very obedient. he loves the water and swims and retrieves all day, we couldn't be happier with him. I think Patrick sent you pictures of the two of them together. do you have any planned litters for after Christmas time, were moving to a bigger house with a bigger garden and would like another dog. You can let me know
Kevin and Kristy

Dear Martin ,
Just a short note to extend a huge thank you for the care and attention given to our bitch 'Dee' when she went to stud.

'Zeus' is a fantastic dog with a temperament second to none. We now have a very even litter of Ten smashing puppies some of which have been retained for shooting homes already. We are keeping back one of the bitch pups to continue the line and look forward to working with her in the future.

Kindest Regards,
Wendy and Andrew Haig
Ardmillan Stud

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