Marhystin Gundogs

Liverycroft Grayeagle at Marhystin

Call name – Jude
Sire – FTCH Birdsgreen Clued
Dam – Liverycroft Gemstar

Jude is one of the new additions to the pack and a future stud dog here at Marhystin Gundogs, he is a bright lad with lots of drive and is eager to please, and he has a fantastic build, large head and shoulders with great bone structure and is developing into a fine looking dog. his training is progressing very well and he turning into a competent  gundog.

Hips – 5/5
Elbows- 0/0
BVA- Clear eye Cert 2022
PRA – Tested Clear
CNM – Tested Clear
EIC –Tested Clear
RD/OSD –Tested Clear
SD2 –Tested Clear
DM –Tested Clear
HNPK–Tested Clear


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