Marhystin Gundogs

Marhystin Skylark Lady

Call name – Cody
Sire – FTCH Levenghyl Malusi
Dam – Morayglen River of Marhystin

What can I say about Cody she is very stylish while hunting and has lighting speed, probably the fastest dog we have in the kennel. Cody’s drive, personality, style, and looks are all further evidences of just how well-bred she is. She has an athletic build, nice head and has bags of personality.

Hips 3-3
Elbows 0-0
BVA eyes cert 2022

Stargardt disease – Tested Clear 
PRA – Tested Clear
CNM – Tested Clear
EIC –Tested Clear
RD/OSD –Tested Clear
SD2 –Tested Clear
DM –Tested Clear
HNPK–Tested Clear


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