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We may breed a litter every now and then, purely to satisfy our own requirements to add to our family of dogs, the remaining puppies will go to working and trialling homes and as pets to suitable homes. We are passionate and very proud of our dogs and give our puppies the best start possible with regard to nutrition and health care. Marhystin puppies can be found in Aspen, Colorado as Search and Rescue dogs, all over Europe as Medical Alert dogs, Drug Detection dogs, and all over the USA as working dogs and family pets, we are very proud of our lineage of dogs.  

Marhystin Gundogs are based in Aberdeenshire, North East of Scotland. Our aim is to have and produce quality gundogs with excellent temperament and health.

If a litter’s of pups is bred here at Marhystin Kennels they will be bred from parents who have been DNA health checked including but not limited to  PRA clear, HMLR/CNM clear, Low Hips & Elbow Scores and will have a current B.V.A Clear Eye Certificate. Currently all our dogs have been tested for the above and including EIC, HNPK, RD/OSD, DM and SD2, information with regard to these diseases and can be found on our Health & DNA Test page. We use in our opinion one of the best laboratories in the world which is Pawprint Genetics in the USA. We cannot recommend Pawprint Genetics highly enough they are a five star company.

Match the health tests carried out with the exceptional field trial pedigrees and we are confidant that any pup’s born here at Marhystin Kennels will have all the right qualities that a prospective owner would be looking for.


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