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The Pawprint Genetics  Narcolepsy – NARC – test is a DNA-based test that provides, for the first time, a method to unequivocally identify narcolepsy in several breeds – Doberman Pinschers, Labrador retrievers and Dachshunds. This test allows you to control the narcolepsy gene frequency in your breed so as to prevent producing puppies affected with the disease.

An article by Mary M. Woodsen tells the story of how this test was developed. The article follows below, after the information on testing.

Reliable identification of dogs that do not carry disease genes is the key to controlling autosomal recessive diseases. The Pawprint Genetics NARC test enables 100% accurate identification of these dogs. Called “genetically clear,” “noncarriers” or, more formally, “homozygous normals,” such dogs can pass only the normal gene on to all their pups-which means that none of their pups can ever be affected with narcolepsy. These “clear” dogs can be bred to any mate, even to a narcolepsy-affected dog which may be a desirable breeding prospect for other reasons.

Homozygous means both copies of the gene in your dog are the SAME – both normal or both NARC. A carrier has one normal and one NARC gene.

Because the Pawprint Genetics  NARC test is a mutation-based gene test, it accurately and specifically identifies normal dogs, carriers (heterozygous dogs) and affecteds.

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