Marhystin Opal


Remy is a mating from our own Cassie X Zeus we were very happy with these pups and we kept a dog back from this litter, Remy is hereditary clear of the follwing , Photos to follow soon

DOB 08/10/15


• PRA– Heredity Clear

• CNM– Heredity Clear

• EIC– Heredity Clear

RD/OSD– Heredity Clear

• SD2–Heredity Clear

• Narc–Heredity Clear

• Congenital macrothrombocytopenia–Heredity Clear

• Elliptocytosis–Heredity Clear

• Hyperuricosuria–Heredity Clear

• Myotubular myopathy 1– HeredityClear

• Pyruvate kinase deficiency (Group B)–Heredity Clear

• Degenerative myelopathy–Heredity Clear




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