Glenfia Achillies of Marhystin.

Here at Marhystin Gundogs we endeavour to maintain the highest level of health testing available therefore Zeus has been tested and is clear of the following

DOB: 27/02/2011

BVA eyes cert 2014

Hip Score 7:3 & Elbow Score 0:0

• PRA– Tested Clear

• CNM– Tested Clear

• EIC–Tested Clear

RD/OSD–Tested Clear

• SD2–Tested Clear

• Narc–Tested Clear

• Congenital macrothrombocytopenia–Tested Clear

• Elliptocytosis–Tested Clear

• Hyperuricosuria–Tested Clear

• Myotubular myopathy 1–Tested Clear

• Pyruvate kinase deficiency (Group B)–Tested Clear

• Degenerative myelopathy–Tested Clear


Zeus’s training is coming on exceptionally well and we are very pleased with his progress.  He is very intelligent dog who is keen to please Zeus has trialed last season and did not disappoint so we are looking forward to the coming trailing season where we hope to get a few runs and fingers crossed we hope he does well. Zeus is offered at stud to approved bitches minimum hips and eye tested. 


Zeus Stud Fee is £350.


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SIGNIFICANCE FOR BREEDING:  Our D.N.A Genetically ‘Clear’ Stud Dog can be bred to any bitch and will produce ‘No Affected’ pups by all of the above conditions that he is tested clear for. Zeus is probably the first Labrador standing at Stud with all the above health check’s clear. Anyone using Zeus at stud will be provided with copies of all relevant Health Certificates as proof. Proven Stud, we are now offering Zeus at stud to health checked bitches,(Minimum: Hips Score & BVA Eye Cert) please contact us for more details.